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Afghan Rugs


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001 Oushak 12’1″ x 9’1″

Explore the­ enduring charm of the 001 Oushak 12’1″ X 9’1″ rug, handpicked by Rug & Rugs. This e­xquisite masterpiece­ seamlessly blends traditional Oushak craftsmanship…

004 Zeiglier 10’8″ x 8’2″

The 004 Zeiglier 10’8″ X 8’2″ rug from Rug & Rugs is a true epitome of luxury. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends timeless elegance with…

1221 Oushak 12’1″ x 9’1″

The 1221 Oushak is a magnificent rug that exudes elegance and sophistication. Measuring 12 feet 1 inch in length and 9 feet 1 inch in…

23481 Oushak 11’7″ x 9’0″

Step into a world of elegant sophistication with the­ 23481 Oushak rug. This magnificent piece is a true­ masterpiece, showcasing time­less craftsmanship and refined taste­.…

23495 Oushak 12′ x 8’11”

Discover the­ timeless beauty and unmatche­d luxury of the 23495 Oushak rug. This exquisite maste­rpiece, measuring an impre­ssive 12 feet by eight fe­et 11 inches,…

Heriz Bijar 9’7″ x 8’5″

This Heriz Bijar rug is woven in shades of Brown from darker to lighter ones. The rug size is 9.7×8.5 feet in size. The color…

Heriz Filpa 8’4″ x 6’4″

This Heriz filpa rug is woven in various colors. The rug size is 8.4×6.4 feets in size. The color palette used is dark. While the…

Archival records reveal that the nomads of afghan tribes had instored the art of weaving and knitting carpets, alongside rugs, and today they are categorized as afghan tribal rugs. Afghanistan clicks to mind when rugs are talked about, an account of the country’s rich history in crafting rugs and carpets.

The rustic ornamentation of rug crafting is discerned to be influenced by the cultures of persia as well as the region of central asia. 

Surprisingly, silk road trade routes, historically the part of Afghanistan holds the history of exporting these intricate afghan floor clothing. The rug items encapsulate the rich civilization of Afghanistan, incorporating art and comfort. 

Traditional craftsmanship in Afghanistan 

In the art that you see, rug & rugs has cached afghan tradition. Our Afghan rugs are woven into different patterns, which are named variously. These intricate designs are categorized separately, as well. Work of craftsmanship has traveled down generations in Afghanistan, reflecting  traditional artifice. 

Material for fabricating afghan rugs

The work is organic in nature, and so is the material used. Primarily, wool is used, while silk adds to the velvety texture of these afghan handmade rugs. This prepares a fine, hand-knotted afghani rug for you. 

The detailing in our rugs, presents to you a story of a weaver’s heart; the fiber woven brings forth a glimpse of Afghani rich cultural heritage. 

Rug & rugs’ instant delivery of afghan floor clothing product

‘Rug & rugs’ rug shop supplies affordable Afghan rugs your way. The species of Afghan rugs include Heriz rugs, Oushak and Zeiglier. Often, the international courier services from Afghanistan are discontinued, an account of political upheaval. Despite this withdrawal, our delivery network stays put on account of a different delivery system via UAE. Therefore, our customers receive orders without delay.